All of our classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness. Each different class type uses specialised equipment and is focused on a particular aspect of exercise. Our class variations include hiit training, strength and conditioning, functional movements, flexibility and core power. Every member has access to the full range of classes.


A class which is crafted to light the fuse on your body’s fat burning furnace! Expect to elevate your heart rate and torch calories. You’ll increase your cardiovascular fitness, optimise energy levels and leave the gym with that feel good factor. This is a HIIT workout that is sure to release endorphins and deliver on the results you want. All to the sound of upbeat and motivational music. Sweat is fat crying!


Here we utilise trap bars, barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells (along with a few surprises) to challenge you technically, physically and mentally. The combination forces your body to react and grow stronger, ensuring you tone, define and sculpt your physique. Muscles will be pushed, pulled and twisted, resulting in greater endurance and a strong, powerful body to be proud of.


This session is built to bullet proof your ab’s. We focus on the main abdominal muscle groups that together with muscles in the back form the core. Benefits include a more stable and balanced body, which protects the spine allowing more movement and promotes good posture. A workout which contains a wide range of strength and mobility exercises. As well as a cheeky dose of high intensity interval training.


Like the name suggests this class is for big strength gains and the manufacturing of muscle. The focal point of exercises in this session are squats, deadlifts, bench and shoulder presses, with accessory exercises included to top off a well rounded workout. We promote gains, sweat and tears here. A place for your one rep max, personal best lift or just to grunt and groan. Test yourself against the gym.


Everyone likes to punch things, but stick to the pads here and you’ll be alright. A stress relieving workout based on the boxing world. Jab, hook, uppercut and skip your way through this challenging class. Learn correct technique, and immerse yourself into working intensely to achieve a puddle of sweat beneath your feet. A great way to unwind after a hard days work.

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