Stories from people inspired by See More Fitness to change their life through exercise and Nutrition.


“One of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to join your training programme! Looking forward to the next eight weeks of ‘change’ for the better”


“In October I set a goal of running a half marathon in one years time. I knew that I needed help with this as my weight was nearly 135kg/300lbs. I joined up at a gym and hired Luke as my personal trainer. At first I thought it was a bit frivolous to spend money on a PT, however within a few weeks of working out with Luke I could see the difference. Now 45kg/100lbs lighter, Ive met my goal of running a half marathon in less than 6 months. Luke has taught me an incredible amount about nutrition, exercising and physiology, changing my relationship with my body and with food for good. Luke’s program of weights, cardio and nutrition has given me a new outlook on life. I couldn’t recommend Luke more highly to anyone wanting to take their training to the next level.”


“I have been training with Luke since February 2014. When I first started training with Luke I was extremely unfit and had zero confidence. Luke has not only kept me motivated in the gym but has also helped me with my diet by advising me on foods to eat and giving me recipe ideas. I actually really enjoy exercise now and look forward to my weekly PT session, and also attend boot camp sessions run by Luke. My fitness has improved significantly and I have now lost 2 dress sizes and I’am happier and more confident than ever.”


“After having 3 children and little time on my hands I was desperate to get my body back into shape. I wanted great results as quickly as possible so I signed up to train with Luke. He promised I would see results in a matter of weeks and he kept to his word. Fun training sessions alongside great nutritional advice got me the results I had longed for. His passion for his work and dedication to his clients is second to none and worth every penny. I love my new body which has given me more confidence and changed my lifestyle completely. I will go on holiday this year feeling great! Thanks Luke!”