🚫 Old habits die hard 🚫

It’s hard to stop doing the things we’ve been doing for a long time. However, if results aren’t coming your way then its high time to consider why? Take a look at the points below and if you can relate to any of them then it’s time to make the

Fuel For Thought

Going for a run this weekend? Smash your PB at the Park Run or as you pound the pavement! Ignore those unpronounceable supps – simple, natural grub is all you need to improve your performance. Try these three pre-run staples to upgrade every training session without exercising your wallet.  

Spice Up Your Life

  I love experimenting with different flavours, herbs and spices can liven up any meal, try chili flakes on your scrambled eggs in the morning. Investing in a decent variety of herbs and spices will not only give you massive versatility in the kitchen, but it’s also like having a

6 Things Will Happen When You Start Doing Squats

Following on from my last piece describing the effectiveness of utilising the Queen of exercises, the Deadlift, into your training routines. I felt it was appropriate to highlight some benefits that come from incorporating the King of Exercises too, the Squat! As a Fitness Professional, I’am educated in knowing how

Are Your Friends Holding You Back

When it comes to setting goals and aiming for improvements in any aspect of one’s life it is often necessary to make some sacrifices. That is, to replace certain bad behaviours with new more positive behaviours. So, not so much a sacrifice as a change of priorities. Unfortunately, not everyone

Should you use a meal plan to lose weight?

Have you ever tried following a meal plan? Some people swear by them when changing their eating habits as they need to know exactly what they can and can’t eat. Others hate them as life just doesn’t fit around them. “Broccoli again?!” “How much of this stuff am I going

Top Tips On How To Reduce DOMS

I am sure many of you have been there when you have done a killer session, and the next day you are in agony. It hurts to move any muscle, but just to top it off, it is even worse the next day. So how can we start to take